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Mozy – Backup Your Computer

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Mozy - Backup Your ComputerThat’s actually what I always thought one would need. You’re already quite advanced if you use an external hard drive for backing up your computer. But imagine – worst case scenario – your house is burning down. Or lightening destroying all electronic equipment…. Gush, everything (digital) !!! is lost. So, here is the solution: Back-it-up on a remote server… Mozy does it for you.


Friday, December 14th, 2007

In a lively performance, “mathemagician” Arthur Benjamin races a team of calculators to figure out 3-digit squares in his head, performs a massive mental calculation, and guesses a few birth days. How does he do it?


Monday, December 10th, 2007

ProjectionsG.Projector is a Java application which allows you to explore a large collection of global map projections and project an input GIF, JPG or PNG equirectangular map image. Lon-lat gridlines and continental outlines may be drawn, and resulting map images may be saved to disk in GIF, PDF, PNG or PS form.