ArcMap: Polygons are divided in tiny strips

When an ArcMap generated EPS, PDF, CGM, or AI Illustrator file is opened in an external editor, like Adobe Illustrator, some large polygons are divided into thin vertical strips.

This is called polygon dicing, and is implemented on polygons containing more than 20,000 vertices. The purpose is to speed up on-screen drawing and output to a printer.

Try one of these options to reduce the effect of polygon dicing:

Simplify the polygon data.
In ArcGIS 8.1.2 and later, you can use the following Visual Basic code to turn polygon dicing off and on.

Run this code prior to exporting your map:

Public Sub turnOffDicing()

Dim pGeometryEnv As IGeometryEnvironment3

Set pGeometryEnv = New GeometryEnvironment

pGeometryEnv.DicingEnabled = False

End Sub

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