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New Agriculturist:

“Very much a reference book, Keeping track of our changing environment will prove an invaluable and accessible source of data that underpins a proper understanding and interpretation of numerous issues confronted daily by readers of New Agriculturist, whether specialist advisor, educator or policymaker. Eye-catching and providing much ‘food for thought’, UNEP is to be congratulated for conceiving and commissioning this ‘must have’ publication.”

Friends of Europe

Although the authors of the report have carefully avoided providing any critical evaluation of the statistical data, anyone reading the 111-pages study can hardly conclude that global leaders have done a great job since they received a wake-up call about the world’s sustainability challenges twenty years ago.
All in all, the UNEP study is an impressive work of data collection but it could have done with a little bit less spin and a bit more “hard” evaluation. But then again, maybe this document has a political function and the real meat can be expected in May of next year?

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy

Graphs of the report used in the PPT of “NRT President and CEO” David McLaughlin

Our World 2.0:

This report is proof that, through restrained use of technical language and intelligent application of design tools and graphs, complex messages can be conveyed to wider audiences. Overall, Keeping Track does a good job of explaining to us where we have come from. Where we are going is now up to all of us.


Two graphs included in a Monsanto-Presentation on Climate Change


Listed as one of the four “KEY REFERENCE REPORTS”

CEOS – The Earth Observation Handbook

The Keeping Track book is the best of the summary pieces I have surveyed for Rio+20 and Im glad to be able to use its messages.

Graphics used in The Earth Observation Handbook 2012

KPMG Consulting Study (PDF, Graph, Phrases)

Newly created graph based on all statistics of the KT report. Interesting, different perspective.

Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative

The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) releases excellent summary looking back at our changing world since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

Climate Energy Institute

Used widely in a PPT called “State of the global climate 2012 with reference to the past 20 years”


Listing of percentage changes derived from Keeping Track in PDF for Rio

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