While I by no means speak for Declan, we?ve had conversations
about presenting datasets by integrating PostGIS with the Google Earth
interface. In addition to easy uploads of new data via simple web forms, the
Network Links allow for immediate broadcast of the data or a user could choose
to download the data as a standalone KMZ file (which with the new Regions
functionality could contain a hefty quantity of features). Going the WMS route,
you could throw a MapServer instance that hits on the same PostGIS database. As
for geoprocessing, one could use PostGIS? native capabilities and provide
buffering, intersecting, and distance querying tools. (We demonstrate those
capabilities at our site).
How much does it cost? Well, our good friends at HostGIS will set you up
with your own dedicated server with a full suite of open source apps and you pay
a $300 setup fee plus $100-$170/mo based on hardware/transfer needs. And Gregor
provides top drawer support. That?s a very attractive value proposition
for us at least.

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