Strange icons

discovered all these icons listed under the title of a blog article. What’s
that? Hmm, try the following links… One thing I liked with one of these icons
(respectively the story behind) is that you can save the web page as it is now.
Imagine that it will be changed or that it will be taken offline… you’ll still
have it in the original form. I like that idea, as I see that regularly
bookmarks taken a while ago won’t work anymore or don’t display anymore the same
thing then why I saved it. – Èkeep
your favorite websites, music, books, and more in a place where you can always
find them. Èshare your favorites with family, friends, and colleagues.
È discover new and interesting things by browsing popular & related
items. – Digg is all about user powered content.
Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community. Share,
discover, bookmark, and promote the news that’s important to
you. – 1. post links to new and interesting sites
you find around the web 2. comment on other people’s links 3. vote for the
stories you liked or disliked. – Move beyond
bookmarks. Never lose a web page again. Save exact page copies, not just links.
Search My Web to instantly “re-find” a page. Share pages with friends and


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